Overheards: Week 4

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 1/27/17 9:00am

'20: "I'm pissed about the napkins so last night I stole a dispenser from Collis when I was drunk."

’19 #1: "If only he wasn't such a racist. Like, if he were a more covert racist I'd be okay with it."
’19 #2: "Honestly, his racism is really overshadowed by his elitism."
’19 #1: "Yeah, Champagne was like, his element."

’19: "I didn't know where I wanted to apply. I literally did eenie-meenie-miney-mo, and then applied ED here."

’19: "Ok I don't like how we're only speaking in memes now."

Unknown Year: "I need to decide — do I value free food or my dignity?"

'20: "I've dfmo'd with like 90% of the school."

'18: "I’m drunk enough that I just Googled 'Pennsylvania' and spelled it with a 5 in the middle."

Unknown Year: "Nothing gets a Canadian girl wet like a good ol’ Alberta farmer boy."

’19 #1: "This guy from high school wrote his college essay about Perry the Platypus."
’19 #2: "Yeah, but he got in to UChicago, so it must have been pretty good."

’20 #1: "I went to school in the Bronx. I've seen what poverty looks like."
’20 #2: "Didn't you pay 20k a year to wear blazers, khakis and be surrounded by a fence?"

CS Prof: “Try mango juice, and don't tell me you don't like it because mango juice is great. You might disagree with me on algorithms, but you can't disagree with me on mango juice.”

’20: "Going to the Women's March was amazing. It was like, the Coachella of politics."

The Dartmouth Web Staff