Sarah Alpert



Summer Fling: Sophomores explore passions

They say sophomore summer is different from all other terms — and it’s true. From June to August, Dartmouth students swim more, tan more, eat more farmer’s market kettle corn and in some cases, sing, dance and laugh a lot more than any other term.


Lest the Old Traditions Fade: Remembering Tubestock

Picture the river jammed bank to bank with rafts and tubes, your entire class drunkenly drifting downstream in a jumble of swimsuits, abandoned flipflops and floating kegs of beer. That is Tubestock, sophomore summer’s long lost “big weekend” tradition — and you’ll never see anything like it again.


The Class That Changes Everything

When I first arrived at Dartmouth, I was the most undecided of all “undecided” majors. Freshman year, I spiraled through many options until I finally settled on English.