Editors’ Note

In the last Mirror of the 177th directorate, we say our goodbyes and toast to new beginnings.

by Sarah Alpert and Novi Zhukovsky | 3/10/21 2:00am

by Julia Siegel / The Dartmouth

We’re in the final stretch of the term. This week marks many endings: the end of 21W, the end of a campus-wide COVID-19 outbreak and the final days of The Dartmouth’s 177th directorate. Here on campus, it’s nearly 50 degrees and sunny, and the promise of an imminent spring in Hanover has been getting us through the final days of the term (or distracting us from our work by tempting us to go outside — either way, no complaints here). 

This week at Mirror, we hear from Zea Eanet ’21 on attending college 15 minutes from home, learn about Dartmouth engineers' quest to build a tiny, sustainable research station and, in honor of Women’'s History Month, ask government professor Kathleen Powers about feminism in international relations. We investigate how the campus COVID-19 outbreak has affected spring plans and look into the experiences of students in isolation. 

The end of 21W looks different for many members of the Dartmouth community. Some are recovering from COVID-19, while others are finishing up the term from miles away. Whether this week marks the conclusion of a terrific quarter or a more challenging one, the one thing we know for sure is that with an ending always comes a new beginning. At Mirror, we are sad to say goodbye to our current directorate but are also excited for what this new year will bring for The Dartmouth. So here’s to endings, and to beginnings. 

We’ll see you in 21S …