Editors' Note

by Sarah Alpert and Novi Zhukovsky | 2/17/21 2:00am

by Edgar Morales / The Dartmouth Staff

Almost a year has passed since the pandemic began and campus shut down. By now, we have largely adjusted to the strange, timeless haze of remote learning. Or maybe time is racing by because we are just as busy as usual, jumping from Zoom class to club meeting and back again.

In this week’s issue of Mirror, we check in to see how students on and off campus have been engaging with all Dartmouth has to offer. Students in PSYC 38, “Cognitive Neuroscience,” are experimenting with VR headsets, using virtual reality to experience neurological phenomena firsthand. Students and professors alike are thinking about what the impending changes to Dartmouth’s study abroad offerings mean for language and cultural immersion. The Class of 2024 is scattered around the world, navigating a strange second term at Dartmouth. And finally, one of our writers reflects on what Black History Month means to her this year.

Week seven is always busy for Dartmouth students. We know you’re busy, too. But we hope you will take a moment to read about what your classmates are doing and thinking, before yet another term slips away.

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