Editors' Note

by Sarah Alpert and Novi Zhukovsky | 2/3/21 2:00am

by Grace Qu / The Dartmouth

Big things are happening — we’re in week five after all. We’re also in the midst of a nor’easter, and for those of us in Hanover, we’ve found ourselves surrounded by a stunning winter landscape. Black History Month begins this week, and the College is celebrating the achievements of Black women through a series of events.

This week in Mirror, we ask our writers about their thoughts on all things winter related, and reflect on how it feels to arrive back on campus after a full year. We also take a look at a snowy Hanover campus through the lens of one of our photographers.

We’re halfway through the term and have a lot of great things in store. So let’s raise our mugs of hot chocolate and say cheers to that. 

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