Editors' Note

by Sarah Alpert and Novi Zhukovsky | 1/13/21 2:00am

by Edgar Morales / The Dartmouth

Well, we’re back. In the past few weeks, many of us have celebrated holidays without the company of our extended families, we’ve seen the beginning stages of the COVID-19 vaccine dissemination, we’ve said goodbye to 2020 and we’ve watched the government run amok at the tail end of Donald Trump’s presidency. There’s a lot to process, but there is also a lot to be grateful for, including our health, our loved ones and being able to return to Dartmouth for another term, whether virtually or in person.

This week at Mirror, we investigate how Dartmouth students are approaching this term with the promise of a vaccine in sight, we ask Mirror writers about their New Year’s resolutions and we learn about what students are looking forward to this winter. We also speak with students who have had first-hand experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine and shed light on the creative ways that Dartmouth students have been engaging with art.

This week marks the first winter term that Dartmouth students will experience during the pandemic, and there is no doubt that we will face new challenges and surprises as the next eight weeks unfurl. However, it is also another term at Dartmouth: filled with opportunities for intellectual stimulation, socialization, learning, laughter and yes, even fun.