Editors' Note

Winter term is ending on a bittersweet note, but we can find joy in little things — like the surplus of snacks at Collis.

by Sarah Alpert and Novi Zhukovsky | 3/3/21 2:00am

by Lucy Handy / The Dartmouth Staff

As winter term nears completion, campus feels like a ghost town. With active COVID-19 cases soaring to 140, students are locked down. Chairs stacked on tables reinforce that we can’t dine inside, and even outdoor activities have ground to a halt. But Dartmouth turns forth her silver linings on the night. The sun climbs higher every day, thawing the ground for spring. Berries and other rare snacks line the shelves in Collis. And before we know it, another round of finals will be behind us, as will the current virus outbreak.

In this issue of Mirror, we catch up with members of Dartmouth Ski Patrol, who have taken extra health precautions and worked longer shifts to support a busy season at the Skiway. One of our writers describes his experience with COVID-19, reflecting on how the temptation to act like a “normal college kid” led to his contracting the virus in early February. Finally, we chat with students about the game we miss dearly — Dartmouth pong — and wonder when we’ll play again.

Life on campus might feel grim right now, and for students off campus, March marks yet another month spent away from Dartmouth. But we hope that this week’s issue of Mirror might spark some reflection on what we enjoyed this winter and what we can look forward to in the spring. Most of all, we hope you find ways to carry on during this quarantine and finals period. It might sound trite, but we can find some joy in little things — even if those little things are simply raspberries at Collis.

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