Editors' Note

by Sarah Alpert and Novi Zhukovsky | 2/10/21 2:00am

by Sophie Bailey / The Dartmouth Senior Staff

Does anyone else feel like we’re living inside a snow globe? Inches of powder cover campus, and practically every day more flakes fall from the sky. Ice sculptures line the walk to Collis, marking the start of Winter Carnival. Walking across the Green means creating fresh tracks, passing ice skaters twirling in circles — and of course, everyone’s favorite: donning a frosty mascara from the condensation in your mask.

The snow creates a sense of peace in Hanover. And of course, there aren’t even that many students around to enjoy Dartmouth’s bonfire pits and sledding courses, so campus feels relatively calm this midterm season. But there’s still plenty going on and off campus, from awkward Marriage Pact-induced dates to the start of course election for spring term. 

In this week’s issue, we follow up with the Marriage Pact’s “number one match” to see whether the algorithm worked. We hear about the virtual rush process from a writer who recently went through sorority rush. Turning our focus to the environment, we explore how COVID-19 has impacted the College’s sustainability efforts, and we check in with Italian professor Damiano Benvegnù about how Dartmouth’s environmental humanities initiative is working to address climate change. Because this snow globe of ours is beautiful — let’s keep it that way.

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