Editors' Note

by Sarah Alpert and Novi Zhukovsky | 1/27/21 2:00am

by Grace Qu / The Dartmouth

Just like that — we’re already in the thick of midterm season, rush and the start of a new presidency. In Hanover, time seems to pass as fast as the snow builds up, and it looks like we’ve already gotten a few more inches. For those of us on campus, we’ve come to the end of our time in quarantine, and we’re all antsy to get out of our dorms. Thankfully, many of our favorite campus facilities have started to open up — although for now the excitement might be limited to studying in the library across from friends. But hey, we’ll take it.

This week at Mirror, we speak with those who have not yet been released from quarantine: the unlucky few who tested positive for COVID-19 upon arriving on campus. We also hear from a writer who, following a slew of unfortunate events, was stuck at Washington, D.C. during the inauguration. We also get to know those who conduct COVID-19 testing at Dartmouth and look ahead toward all the activities and events set out for this term.

Everyone’s got a lot going on this week, so we’ll keep it to the point. Good luck on your midterms and all of the other activities you’re involved in. Don’t forget to give yourself a few breaks and spend some time outdoors — whether you’re in the “winter wonderland” of Hanover or somewhere close to the equator. And if you get too stressed, just remember: You’ve already survived a year in a pandemic — no exam could be harder than that!

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