Editors' Note

Skating into week eight, we reflect on the term and look forward to our last few weeks of 21W.

by Sarah Alpert and Novi Zhukovsky | 2/24/21 2:00am

by Julia Siegel / The Dartmouth

Week eight is upon us, and the balmy mid-30 degree weather here in Hanover makes it feel like spring is approaching. It’s likely that the water puddles on the path to Baker-Berry Library will freeze up again some time in the near future, but we might as well enjoy it while it lasts. 

We’re almost at the last big stretch. Midterms are nearing their end, and people are starting to think about their end-of-term bucket list activities — like ice skating at the rink on the Green. (Will we make it there before the end of the term? We’ll see.)

This week at Mirror, we look at how social elements of Dartmouth have changed due to COVID-19. We joke about the awkward interactions we’ve had while abiding by social distancing regulations, and we address whether or not Foco late night lives up to the typical rambunctious scene at Collis. We also investigate how sexual prevention programming has adapted to pandemic times, and — looking beyond the Dartmouth bubble — we speak with environmental studies professor Elizabeth Wilson about climate change in the wake of Texas freezing over. 

The term is winding down, but there is still lots going on here on campus and throughout the dispersed Dartmouth community. Let’s make the most of it  — and hey, maybe we’ll even see you on the skating rink.

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