Arielle Beak


Two students told The Dartmouth they have had to leave the College after seeing changes in financial aid.


Changes in financial aid awards force some students to leave Dartmouth

Kylie Palacios was finishing her second year at Dartmouth when she received her financial aid award letter in May 2019 for the upcoming sophomore summer term. “I remember seeing it and immediately being like, ‘I don’t think I pay this much,’ and being really confused,” Palacios said. 

The Dartmouth sat down with Hanlon to discuss a variety of campus topics.


Q&A with College President Phil Hanlon

The editors of The Dartmouth Homecoming Special Issue, Maggie Doyle ’22 and Arielle Beak ’22, sat down with President Hanlon to discuss his personal journey at Dartmouth, mental health on campus, the new residential access policy, and his vision for the College as a global research institution.


Editors' Note: Homecoming Issue 2019

Metamorphosis and migration are essential biological processes for many animals. For butterflies, metamorphosis is divided into distinct life cycle stages — egg, larva, pupa and adult. For humans, the process of maturation is messy, blurred and possibly indefinite. However, Dartmouth serves as a rare exception that allows us to point to a finite period of transformation. Migration, the seasonal movement of animals from one region to another, parallels the Homecoming experience. 



Architectural landscape reflects changes over Dartmouth’s history

Most students can remember the first time they stepped foot on Dartmouth’s campus. Perhaps they were struck by the red brick and white columns of the dorms, or the impressive outline of Baker tower puncturing the blue sky. Or maybe it was the stately white of Dartmouth Hall, framed on either side by Thornton and Wentworth Halls. Many of these first impressions of Dartmouth involve the College’s architecture, which has come together as the result of decades of College history. 


Black Legacy Month kicks off

Black Legacy Month celebrations kicked off on Saturday evening at Collis Common Ground with food, prizes and performances from student groups on campus. February marks Black Legacy Month at the College, and Dartmouth will be hosting celebrations and events throughout the month to honor black history and celebrate the continuation of its legacy. 


Faculty to complete online Title IX training

In the first week of January, the Dartmouth Title IX Office announced it launched a mandatory sexual violence prevention training course for school faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars.