Rob Esposito


Walking on Eggshells: Why fight dogfights?

Clinton Portis made an interesting observation recently. He said he had no qualms with Michael Vick for allowing illegal dogfights in the back of Vick's Virginia home.

Walking on Eggshells: Hecklers and Phil Mickelson

You might think in light of Phil Mickelson's PGA Player's Championship victory this past weekend at TPC Sawgrass in Jacksonville, Fla., that WOE would begin this week with an apology to Phil and perhaps even congratulations for winning golf's "fifth" major.

Walking on Eggshells: WOE is decadent and depraved

After making waves in the equestrian community last week (I bought one of those sweet "Ride This" t-shirts outside Food Court, for all who were wondering), it seems only fitting that as you read this column, I will be making my way 15 hours southwest to Louisville, Ky., for the 133rd running of the Kentucky Derby.

Walking On Eggshells: Inside jokes for jocks

Special thanks to Dartmouth equestrian team captain Daisy Freund '08 for supplying WOE with this week's title: "Inside Jokes for Jocks." For all of you who haven't arrived at the realization Ms. Freund came to this past weekend, this column is simply a bunch of inside jokes for jocks.

Walking on Eggshells: Senior Skip Day

I'm guessing many of you faithful WOE readers are probably sitting down with a fresh plate of eggs and toast dished out by my main man Lerrone of the Hop staff and have immediately turned The D to the back page for this very column.