Christina Baris



Learning to Say No

We’ve all experienced the absolute joy that results from cancelled plans. Maybe that time you once allotted for your club meeting can now go toward that coveted extra hour of sleep, or you can get one episode further in your latest Netflix binge. 

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All the Small Things

Sitting in the library, surrounded by a mountain of textbooks on Theories of Government, I pull out my phone for some momentary distraction. I begin to scroll through my Instagram feed, mindlessly gazing at all of the expertly edited, effortlessly posed pictures that pop up on the screen. 


And Many More...

My older brother taught me many valuable life lessons: which words not to say in front of my parents, how to climb every tree in our backyard and the correct way to change lanes on a highway.

Some students may choose to vote through absentee ballots. 


Voting and Voice: Registering in New Hampshire

When was the first time you realized that you had a voice? No, not the first time your mom recorded you speaking your very first words ­— when did you decide that those words held power, or that they were capable of having an impact?