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June 16, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors’ Note

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Well, we’ve had quite the turbulent start to the week, haven’t we? Whether you spent your Sunday rooting for a football team, Maddy from “Euphoria” or for Kanye West to log off of Instagram, there certainly was a lot of tension. And nothing helps ease tension quite like roses, Hallmark cards and overpriced chocolate. While the shift from a night of conflict to one of romance was jarring, it was not as startling as the weather, which somehow dipped from 50 degrees to –7 in the span of three days. 

This week at Mirror, we investigate Novack’s anti-stealing initiative and students with high-risk conditions share how they have been staying safe during the pandemic. One writer reflects on the concept of being a cool girl and another reflects on being cold (due to the polar plunge, that is). We check in with students who have never experienced a Winter Carnival to see if the big weekend lived up to the hype.  

Somehow, campus seems to be as hectic as the events of this weekend. So, if the Week 7 blues got you down, remember that things could always be worse — you could be Kanye’s publicist.