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March 4, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

The Last Editors’ Note of the 178th Directorate


Well folks, this is it. The last editors’ note from the 178th Mirror Editors of The Dartmouth. We think that this final issue calls for breaking the third wall, so here goes: Hello! We are your editors, Novi Zhukovsky and Christina Baris. In case you were curious, we divide up these little notes by alternating week by week; this issue, it’s Novi writing. Well honestly, “writing” is a strong word; I am typing clunky strings of words, only to erase them once again — trying to write perfect sentences, perfect enough to reflect this paper, to display the love and hours we’ve put into these pages. It's an impossible task, and yet, like Sisyphus, I hopelessly continue to put words on paper, in search of a new arrangement that feels right. Maybe, for the first time, I, an editor, am without words. 

This week at Mirror, we reflect on the term through a music playlist and write about eating at Foco alone. We also speak with students who went to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras and hear the stories of students who have cried at Dick’s House. We look into what going out in the frigid winter temperatures is like, follow a writer as he attends his first formal and investigate how those involved in Dartmouth’s production of “Rent” balanced their school commitments with rehearsals. 

No words of mine will truly be able to represent how much this paper means to me, to Christina, to all of the executive editors. But the proof remains in the pages, in the words and thoughts of our writers — and really, that's the best I could ask for. The late nights, the laughter and banter shared in Robinson Hall will remain printed in our minds like the hundreds of issues of The Dartmouth stashed away in Rauner’s archival collection. This note will soon be there too, and we will stay snuggled in the shelves among the issues dating back hundreds of years, as we should be. Just promise me, you won’t let us collect too much dust in between reads. 

See you soon.