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The Dartmouth
April 16, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors' Note


Say what you will about these frigid Hanover winters and their ability to quickly make you lose all feeling in your extremities, but you have to admit they’re pretty damn beautiful. Maybe it’s the fact that the moonlight reflecting on fresh snow through my window provides just enough mood lighting to accompany me on my walk to the kitchen for a midnight snack (just me?), or perhaps it’s the image of Robert Frost’s statue covered in a blanket of snow that is all too fitting. Whatever the reason, it’s not too difficult to find beauty amid the madness of mind-numbing sub-zero temperatures. 

This week at Mirror, we venture out into the cold and investigate the College’s cross-country skiing operation. One writer sits down with government professor Russell Muirhead to discuss the one-year anniversary of the attack on the Capitol and how the foundations of our democracy may be on thin ice. And speaking of ice, students share the incredibly humbling yet enlightening experience of falling on ice — it’s brutal out here, folks! We reflect on Mindy Kaling ’01’s “The Sex Lives of College Girls” and what it got right about hookup culture and the importance of friendship. We shed light on how sororities try to be mindful about diversity while aiming to foster a distinct identity on campus.    

So, whether this wintry weather has you bundling up and hitting the slopes or cooped up inside, hiding from the winter weather advisories — and COVID — we hope this issue serves as a reminder that not all is dreary on these long winter nights.