Editor's Note

by Cristian Cano and Eliza Jane Schaeffer | 6/29/18 2:15am

by Zachary Benjamin / The Dartmouth

X: two slanted lines. They can represent a destination, a meeting place, a crossing, a refusal. At Dartmouth, we use X to describe sophomore summer, lending the letter added significance. And this week, X takes on one more meaning: the theme of the term’s first issue of Mirror.

Right now, we are in the very middle of our college careers, in the nucleus of the X. Like the letter, this term is a destination — something which we have anticipated with a fervor fueled by the stories of our older friends. It’s a meeting place — a time to get to know our fellow ‘20s. And without doubt, it is a crossing point in our Dartmouth careers.

How do we reconcile the conflicting pressures that arise in the second half of our time at Dartmouth? How do we live in the moment even as we prepare for the future? What buried treasure have we still yet to discover? Why do Dartmouth sophomores return to campus for the summer, a time usually reserved for vacations and internships? This week, Mirror explores these topics, always keeping the X in mind.

Join us in celebrating the beginning of the end of our antepenultimate year at Dartmouth with the antepenultimate letter of the alphabet.

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