Cristian Cano




If I had Only Listened to...

Breaking news: I am still looking for spring and summer internships! Yes, even after changing my D-Plan to move my off-term from the winter to the spring to buy myself more time, even after six weeks of break during which I just laid in bed playing the new Smash Bros, I am still filling out applications for my off-terms!


Is Dartmouth a Religion?

The College’s 250th anniversary celebrations have already begun, and among the concerts, free food and green-lit photo ops that some students have had the opportunity to enjoy, there is another aspect of the celebration perhaps more relevant to the Dartmouth student experience: special 250th anniversary courses. These special courses, which students may search by selecting the “Dartmouth 250” option on the online timetable of classes, feature the College in their curricula, and students taking the courses are prompted to reflect on their own Dartmouth experiences as they analyze aspects of the College’s past and present in a critical light. This winter, two sestercentennial-themed courses are being offered: Religion 7.08, “Is Dartmouth a Religion?” and “Daniel Webster and the Dartmouth College Case,” which is cross-listed among four departments: college courses, english, government, and history. “Is Dartmouth a Religion?” is a first-year seminar taught by religion professor Susan Ackerman.


A Difficult Conversation

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten? Twenty? It’s not an unusual question to hear, though answering it is never easy. But what if you knew you weren’t going to live that long?


Editor's Note

The most conventional definition of “persistence” invokes some sort of struggle or challenge.