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Review: ‘Father of the Bride’ is dark despite bright melodies

It’s a recurring theme in discussions amongst Vampire Weekend fans that their albums correspond to seasons. Their self-titled debut album, full of perky strings and New England imagery, is reminiscent of a collegiate fall. Their sophomore effort, “Contra,” with its bright synths and upbeat tempos, brings to mind a sunny summer day. And “Modern Vampires of the City,” their third album, is the definition of wintry, with its black and white cover and its existential, morbid themes.

Yang spoke to a crowd of students outside of Beta Alpha Omega fraternity.


2020 Democratic candidate Yang talks UBI, climate change

“If you’re here today, you’ve heard that there’s an Asian man running for president who wants to give everyone $1,000 a month.” So spoke Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang from the lawn of Beta Alpha Omega fraternity on Thursday evening, drawing a crowd of approximately 100 students and community members. His appearance, sponsored by the Dartmouth College Democrats, focused on themes of rising inequality and the loss of low-skilled jobs, issues that are central to his campaign.


External investigator to look into hazing allegations against 13 student groups

The College will hire an external investigator to look into hazing allegations concerning 12 student organizations and the Dimensions performance group, senior associate dean of student affairs Liz Agosto ’01 said on Thursday evening. The decision, which was made this week, came after the College received an increased number of reports this term about hazing incidents, including kinds that could threaten the health and safety of students. The organizations include five fraternities, three sororities and co-ed Greek houses, three athletic teams, one student life organization and the Dimensions performance group, which is a student-run organization that performs songs and dances about the College in front of prospective students in the spring. The organizations will be informed whether they are under investigation next week, Agosto said.


Students march against sexual assault

“Say it loud, say it clear, rapists are not welcome here!” “No hate, no fear, survivors are welcome here!” These chants echoed down Webster Avenue Wednesday night as demonstrators marched in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence.


After membership review, Sigma Phi Epsilon faces internal strife

Following a membership review that removed 80 percent of its brothers, the Dartmouth chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity continues to face internal strife. Over the past four months, Dartmouth Sig Ep has seen calls for localization, threats from current undergraduates to depledge and attempts to have current governing alumni removed from their positions.

The College began setting up cots on Tuesday in Sarner to help students escape the summer heat wave.


College offers cots in Sarner to escape heat

As temperatures reached the mid-90s this past week, students have struggled to escape the heat. While the night usually brings a reprieve from the heat for students, the recent heat wave stayed strong past sunset, creating issues for students trying to sleep in non-air conditioned dorms and forcing the College to offer alternative options.

Dartmouth's new logo and typeface (left) is replacing its previous branding materials (right).


College debuts new branding strategy

On Monday morning, the College announced a new communications framework that will form the basis for future communications from divisions across the College.


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