Eliza Jane Schaeffer



Those People On The Corner Of The Green

Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 6 p.m. It’s rainy, it’s cold. I’m sitting in the basement of the Hanover Public Library ­— a personal first — with three women and men, all of whom are comfortably three times my age.


Seem and Seams: Appearance and Identity

This summer, a soon-to-be Dartmouth freshman texted me asking whether she should buy any articles of clothing in particular in preparation for her transition from our hometown of Lexington, Kentucky to the cold north.


Mirror Editors' Note: 2018 Freshman Issue

Your freshman year at Dartmouth has a special kind of glow. There will be moments in which it feels like the best time of your life — when you make friends with people from all across the country, when you experience the magic of four distinct seasons, when you uncover opportunities for learning whose existence you never fathomed.


Dartmouth employee faces visa difficulties

President Donald Trump’s call  for citizens to “buy American and hire American” has had the unintended effect of bringing to light the ongoing, silent struggles of legal immigrants seeking employment and eventual citizenship.


Editor's Note

The most conventional definition of “persistence” invokes some sort of struggle or challenge.


Mirror Asks

Define “persistence” in four words. Zachary Benjamin ‘19: Keep on trucking on. Cristian Cano ‘20: Remember: just keep swimming! Annika Kouhia ‘20: Refusing even inevitable defeat.