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Mirror Asks: 2018 Freshman Issue Edition

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY FROM FRESHMAN YEAR? Eliza Jane Schaeffer ‘20: I was sitting on the green when it first started to get warm in the spring (along with half of campus), and someone screamed out of their car window “people are happy!” Peter Charambulous ‘20: Snowball fight on green. Emma Demers ‘20: Studying abroad in Italy my freshman summer — truly an opportunity like no other to learn a language and I met some of my best friends at Dartmouth on the trip! Jee Seob Jung ‘20: Kiddie pool outside of Wheeler during Green Key. Hana Warmflash ‘20: PRANK WEEK. Kylie Sibilia ‘20: Tackling my friends in the snow in the annual snowball flight. WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE MEMORY FROM FRESHMAN YEAR? EJS: Being just constantly confused. PC: Feeling of loneliness during orientation. ED: The October-November outbreak of hand-foot-mouth disease in the Choates was brutal. JSJ: Psych 001. HW: Getting back my first math exam. KS: Falling down the stairs in a frat basement. AT WHAT POINT DID DARTMOUTH FEEL LIKE HOME? PC: Snowball fight on green. ED: When I left after fall term for winterim and realized I was homesick for Dartmouth. Bella Jacoby ‘20: When I came back after being abroad.


Mirror Asks: Penny For Your Thoughts

If you had to put a price on your brain, how much would it be? Jake Maguire: I honestly don’t know — I don’t necessarily consider myself to be priceless or anything like that, but I am a first-year student at Dartmouth and the sticker price for my education here is about $70,000 per year, so that’s a good place to start. Eliza Jane Schaeffer: The collective value of a group of brains, one from each Dartmouth fraternity. Zach Gorman: About $3.50. Timothy Yang: Priceless — it’s not for sale! Zachary Benjamin: At least 50 cents — I don’t want to sell myself short. What are you passionate about? JM: I am passionate about improving opportunities for other people, and I also love reading, writing, hanging out with friends, traveling and being outside. EJS: Words.


Mirror Asks: Dream Edition

1. Tell us about some interesting dreams you’ve had. Jaden Young ’20 I once dreamed I was a ghost trapped in my own house.

 Alison Guh /The Dartmouth Senior Staff


Mirror Asks

What does music mean to you? What role has music played in your life?


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