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Chin: Playing it Safe

(01/05/17 4:04pm)

The clothing options on Hanover’s Main Street, like J. Crew and other aesthetically similar boutiques, epitomize the general fashion trends of our campus and town. This is why one of my first destinations upon returning to California for winter break was Fairfax Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. It was a refreshing break from chinos and plaid. Regional fashion, of course, is not homogenous, but Los Angeles taste-makers err towards a deceptively casual aesthetic.

(Bean) Boot and Rally: Overcoming the 2015 Shortage

(10/07/15 2:20pm)

As autumn arrives and the air grows crisp, you may awake to realize that your summer footwear just won’t cut it anymore. You need something that is warm and waterproof; something that can be worn with any outfit, day or night; something that seemingly every student has in the back of their closet. You need a pair of Bean Boots — duck boots if you’re a traditionalist. They’ll keep your feet dry in rain, snow or sleet. Come at me, winter you think. I’ll be prepared.

14 Things You Never Knew You Needed a Dartmouth Logo On

(05/13/15 10:13am)

Of course, with school spirit comes school swag. Even if you look like a slob, it has been proven that if you're wearing something with a Dartmouth logo on it, no one is allowed to confront you. But where do you draw the line with the logo? I investigated to find the 15 things that you never knew you needed the Dartmouth logo on.

Man Buns of Dartmouth: The Trend and the Instagram

(05/11/15 11:00am)

Among the recent questionable trends reputed to increase men’s attractiveness (read: Dadbod), there is one that stands alone in its undeniable, universal, feminine appeal: the man bun. Popularized by Jared Leto, the man-bun movement started gaining momentum this past fall. Although the style brings to mind celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt, we need not look beyond Hanover to find guys rocking the glory of the man bun. If you’ve missed the on-campus man buns somehow, have no fear! The new Instagram account @manbuns_of_dartmouth documents some of the most marvelous of Dartmouth man buns. Arielle Gordon-Rowe ’18, one of the account’s creators, said she made the page as a platform for the growing trend in the man bun’s popularity. When she approaches man bun connoisseurs for photographs, most are eager to show off their hair, but a few are more reluctant. Still, most seem to come around eventually.

What Would Administrators Dress Up As for Halloween?

(10/31/14 9:00am)

You Dartbeat readers have been very selfish lately. The Dartbeat family has been hitting you with all sorts of autumnal Halloween goodness: we’ve told you all the haunted spots YOU shouldcheck out around Hanover, we’ve given YOU eight autumn recipes to try out and we’ve helped decide whoYOU should be for Halloween. I’m putting my foot down and saying ENOUGH. It is not all about you, you, you (well, it kind of is, but still). So I am introducing the first annual “What Should Administrators Be For Halloween?” because even administrators need some Dartbeat TLC.

The Definitive Ranking of Dartmouth’s Presidents’ Hairstyles

(04/23/14 9:00am)

After hours of deliberation, I have compiled the most influential list of our time: a ranking of Dartmouth presidents by hairstyle. I carefully examined each hairstyle, looking for creativity, manageability, shape and texture before determining my score.It ultimately came down to how well the presidents worked with the hair they had.Some hair defied gravity, some hair grew in thick and others’ hair stopped growing in. My final verdict: while being Dartmouth’s president may be one of the most chic jobs out there, be warned that it may also cause hair loss. Without further ado, here are the 18 most stylish presidents, in order from meh to oh la la!

All Put Together: Spring Trends

(02/20/14 8:01am)

I am tired of wearing winter clothing. It’s always a sweater and some jeans (with a few accessories, of course), and it honestly feels like a uniform to me. This term I’ve found myself online shopping and dreaming of what dresses I will get to wear in the spring. So yes, even though we are currently covered in what seems like 10 feet of snow, I’m writing about upcoming spring trends. Deal with it.

All Put Together: Fashion Apps

(02/06/14 12:00pm)

Apps are wonderful. I can honestly no longer remember what life was like before my iPhone. It keeps me organized and helps me stay on top of my social life. Considering that Hanover has all of three stores, it can be difficult to keep up with new trends and news. So I’ve downloaded a few fashion apps that help me stay in touch with the fashion world. Here are some that I’ve found to be particularly useful and creative.

Maggie Rowland ’14 Captures Dartmouth Street Style for Teen Vogue

(11/12/13 9:00am)

How do the most stylish Dartmouth students compare to other Ivy League fashionistas? Maggie Rowland ’14, photo editor of The Dartmouth, recently photographed Dartmouth women for an online Teen Vogue feature titled “The Most Stylish Ivy League Students Show off Their Campus Looks.” The story features photos of four stylish women from each Ivy League institution and allows readers to observe street styles across the different schools.

All Put Together

(11/04/13 12:00pm)

It’s barely November, and you’ve been wearing a sweater with pants almost every day. You’re tired of wearing what seems like a uniform. So why not try an embellished sweater? The embellished sweater may come across that a bedazzler attacked a sweater, but they can help you get out of your fall/winter wardrobe rut.