All Put Together: Winter Skincare

By Carinna Arvizo, the Dartmouth Staff | 1/24/14 3:00am

Each change in season calls for updating your makeup and skincare regimen. Since this is going to be a particularly rough winter, you should be extra cautious about the products you’re using (or not). Here are a couple of tips and products that you’re going to love adding to your winter regimen.

1.Neutrogena’s Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer with Sun Screen

Yes, it’s the middle of winter. But sun screen should still be used everyday, especially to moisturize your skin in the morning after you’ve washed your face. This lotion by Neutrogena with SPF 25, is great for sensitive skin. The colder air is harsh on your skin, so keep it healthy by moisturizing three to four times a day.

Also, cut back on exfoliating during the winter. Skin dries out after it has been exfoliated, and in the winter months, the dry air will make it even worse.

2. ChapStick

ChapStick may seem like an obvious solution for chapped lips, but the brand recently came out with what they call Hydration Lock. This formula is pretty great because it lasts up to eight hours. It’s also perfect for when you go skiing or as a primer before applying lipstick.

You can also get rid of dead skin by coating your lips with Vaseline and scrubbing them with a toothbrush. Sounds gross, but it works.

3.Burt’s Bees Intense Hydrating Day Lotion with Clary Sage

Yes, more moisturizer. I try to wash my hands as much as possible so I won’t get sick, but during the winter that’s also bad for my skin. I personally love to use Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration on my hands after I wash them. It softens and smoothes your skin right away, and you’ll love the way the lotion smells.

4. Use Dry Shampoo

It’s winter in Hanover, so your wet hair will most definitely freeze as you walk to class. It’s also healthier to wash your hair every other day. When it comes to dry shampoo, you really have to be careful. Lush’s dry shampoo is great for blondes and removes the oil from your scalp. For anyone with darker hair, I would try Klorane’s dry shampoo with oat milk. It leaves your hair feeling and looking great.

5. Julep’s Cuticle Serum

Don’t ignore your cuticles! Like everything else, cuticles crack and dry up during the colder months. Julep’s cuticle serum is easy to use and works fast.

Carinna Arvizo, the Dartmouth Staff