9 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes your Non-Dartmouth Friends Won’t Understand

By Stacy Livingston, The Dartmouth Staff | 10/29/15 9:10am

Overheard ‘19: “I’m so stressed!
Other ’19: “Why? What’s wrong?”
‘19: “I have a paper due tomorrow and a midterm on Wednesday. But that’s fine. I’m stressing about my Halloween costume. It might not come on time!”

If you are Overheard ’19, don’t stress. Dartbeat’s got you on the costume front. Why not use one of these Dart-themed ideas?
A ’19:

Arrive at the party with 12 friends. Wear a lanyard and serve off the pong table.

Yik Yak:

Wear exclusively robin’s egg blue with a yak head. For an added degree of difficulty, speak only using the phrases “assert your dominance,” “FoCo cookies” and “got a degree from Cornell.”

Half Cup/Half Cup:

Wander through the party shirtless with a pong paddle in hand. At random times, throw down the paddle loudly onto a flat surface and smack the cup out of the hand of whomever is nearest you.

The KAF Line:

Gather 150 of your closest friends. Line up. Don’t move at all.

The Ledyard Challenge:

Arrive soaking wet and nude. Sprint through the party. Get picked up by SnS.

Academic Rigor:

Roll up to the function with a 47-pound backpack and just study in the corner while everyone else has fun.

Sexy Phil Hanlon:

Wear nothing but a Dart-green tie, a moustache and a crooked smile.

Derby Weekend:

Show up blacked out, covered in mud and holding a nondescript pork product.

Blunt Alumni Center:

Stitch together a Lily Pulitzer dress and a semi-transparent swimsuit cover-up so that you can accurately portray the “Southern estate in the front, ugly Miami condo in the back” aesthetic. Circulate the party, slapping people across the face while saying, “Welcome back to Dartmouth.”

Stacy Livingston, The Dartmouth Staff