Letter from the Editors

The Dartmouth will postpone the May 26 Mirror issue to May 27.

by Novi Zhukovsky , Kyle Mullins , Reilly Olinger , Coalter Palmer and Caris White | 5/25/21 5:52pm

The Dartmouth has postponed tomorrow’s issue of Mirror to Thursday, May 27 in order to give our writers, editors and staffers time and space to attend tonight’s vigil mourning and honoring the four Dartmouth undergraduate students who have died over the past year. In particular, the tragic death of Elizabeth Reimer ’24 last week and subsequent events have taken a toll on all of campus, and the outpouring of grief and pent-up frustration cannot be ignored. 

We are committed to providing up-to-date coverage of news related to Dartmouth and the surrounding region. Our News editors and staff will continue to publish breaking news as events unfold. However, a regular News issue was not scheduled for release tomorrow, and this week’s Mirror issue was planned well before Elizabeth’s passing, rendering the issue untimely. We feel that publishing as normal when things are not normal is the wrong thing to do for our staff and for campus. 

In lieu of the Mirror issue, we encourage those community members able to attend tonight’s vigil service, which begins at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, to do so. We also encourage community members to read the obituaries commemorating the lives of freshmen Beau DuBray ’24 and Connor Tiffany ’24 and junior and The Dartmouth cartoonist Lamees Kareem ’22, as well as this Mirror piece, written after Kareem’s death, reflecting on student grief. 

We are preparing additional coverage of the events on campus in the aftermath of Elizabeth’s death, as well as an obituary for her. If you have information, memories or thoughts to share for either of these, please contact editor@thedartmouth.com

On May 27, The Dartmouth will return with this week’s issue of Mirror as well as our other sections’ coverage. 

- Editor-in-Chief Kyle Mullins ’22, news executive editor Reilly Olinger ’22, production executive editor Coalter Palmer ’22, Mirror editor Novi Zhukovsky ’22 and interim Mirror editor Caris White ’23