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Join the Club: Student Groups and New Members Look Back on 20F

Now that the fall term — a critical time for freshmen and other students to join clubs — has wound down, leaders and new members of student organizations across campus have had an opportunity to look back on the successes, challenges and outlooks for their respective clubs as winter term quickly approaches.

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Campaigning During COVID-19: Student Volunteers Reflect On the Election

For most Dartmouth students, participating in the American democratic process meant casting a vote in this year’s general election. In the weeks leading up to Election Day, political energy blanketed campus, with ubiquitous voter registration drives, campus-wide emails and high-profile visibility efforts placing the campaign at the forefront of Dartmouth’s collective consciousness.



Offline Learning: The Slow Return to In-Person Classes

Like most Dartmouth freshmen before this quarter, Jeffrey Lam ’24 had not set foot in an actual classroom since March, when he was midway through the second semester of his senior year in high school. For the vast majority of Dartmouth students, that fact has remained unchanged well into the fall quarter: Of the 885 classes being offered this term, the vast majority of them — around 770 — are completely virtual, a decision prompted by the College’s strict COVID-19 rules.