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College to announce significant study abroad cuts

Students grappling with uncertain foreign study plans amid the pandemic may soon be bracing for another blow. The College will slash funding for off-campus programs and scrap a significant number of its study abroad trips — a decision that has already sparked uproar throughout the Dartmouth community.



One-on-one tutoring significantly reduced, study groups eliminated

Students seeking academic assistance this fall will have to adapt to changes in Tutor Clearinghouse offerings. One-on-one tutoring has been dramatically reduced, and residential experts, study groups and conversation partners have all been eliminated due to budgetary constraints.

McNutt Hall houses Dartmouth’s admissions office.


'24s make final plans for gap years

Changing policies and administrative deadlines have left members of the Class of 2024 frustrated, but many who were interested in taking gap years have since finalized their plans.  


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A history of Commencement ceremonies

Dartmouth’s first Commencement ceremony, held in 1771, bore very little resemblance to the modern graduation ceremony — and even less to the virtual ceremony that will be held for the Class of 2020 this June.