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Class of ’24 decides on Dartmouth remotely, considers gap years

Nearly 2,000 students accepted to the Class of 2024 must decide by today whether to spend their next four years at Dartmouth. With social distancing orders making campus tours challenging and the possibility of a remote fall term lurking, prospective students face uncertainty.

The Title IX office added two new coordinators to its staff in July.


Title IX office adds two new coordinators

The Title IX office doubled in size in July with the hiring of two new coordinators: Sophia Brelvi as deputy Title IX coordinator for training and Gary Sund as Title IX deputy coordinator for response. 



College, community grapple with sustainability on campus

Hanover has committed to becoming 100 percent dependent on renewably generated electricity by 2030, and renewably generated transportation and heating fuel by 2050. One important factor in moving forward with the town’s sustainability goals was the support of the College, which Griffin said is the largest energy and fuel user in the town. Griffin said that former and current faculty, as well as members of Dartmouth’s sustainability office, work with the town to pursue mutual goals.