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All Put Together: Tie-dye

(05/16/13 10:00am)

I haven’t worn a tie-dye shirt since the nineties. I remember watching an episode of “Clarissa Explains It All,” where her mom was making tie-dye shirts in the kitchen, and after, I begged my mother to buy me a tie-dye kit. She never liked the look because it reminded her of the ‘70s, “a wretched time for fashion,” so she reluctantly purchased the kit. All of the shirts I made were so ugly! I was a little too ambitious and probably used too many colors, turning the shirts murky brown instead of colorful swirls.

All Put Together: Graduation

(05/09/13 12:30pm)

You really have to think about the way your graduation photos will look like ten years from now. My mother still cringes whenever she sees her graduation photos. My suggestion is to wear one solid color and a simple cut. Think Jackie O’. She probably never saw a photograph from ten years before and regretted what she looked like. This scalloped dress from J.Crew is perfect for graduation day! The scalloped detail is trendy, but not regrettable. Also, wear something sleek. A puffy dress underneath a graduation gown is not the look you want.

All Put Together: Your guide to cowboy boots

(04/25/13 10:00am)

If you’re looking for an authentic cowboy boot, there are three brands that you want to look into: Lucchese (pronounced Lu-Kay-See), Justin Boots and Tony Lama. Texans swear by these designers because they are known for their craftsmanship and quality. These boots are handmade in Texas with pride and love, and the details etched on that rich leather will make everyone take a second.

All Put Together

(04/18/13 7:00am)

Painting my nails with my best friends is a tradition that started during sophomore summer. Every Friday night, my friends come over and we take over Hitchcock Hall’s common room. We talk about our plans for the night, problems, our fears of graduating next year,and pretty much everything else that you can think of. We always try to come up with some creative designs for our nails or try something that we saw on Pintrest. Warning: Pintrest ideas are usually an epic failure.

All Put Together: How to shop a Target collaboration

(03/27/13 5:00pm)

Fashion is for everyone — it can be playful, creative, colorful or edgy. It doesn’t always seem this way and it’s far from perfect, but the industry is changing. I like that designers, stylists and bloggers are realizing that fashion isn’t one-size-fits-all or that great pieces don’t have to cost thousands of dollars. Fashion is about having fun and trying to come up with new things. I want you to get excited about fashion and see it as universal.

The Casual Dresser

(03/07/13 9:00am)

Today, clothing is accessible, but things weren’t always this way. This consequence of modernity is a benefit to consumers and casual dressers everywhere. Increased accessibility has blurred the line between casual and formal wear. The casual dresser has an endless supply of combinations readily available to him, mixing and matching pieces from all points on the scale of formality. The result is a comfortable look, one that reflects propriety and respect, yet the freedom of personality, all within the realm of modern casual wear.

The Casual Dresser

(02/21/13 2:00pm)

Fast fashion is an unmistakable trend of today, with many retailers going out of their way to promote new in-trend styles as opposed to the tried and true. Unfortunately, fast fashion is often synonymous with poor quality, for good reason. It’s tempting to produce cheaply and quickly and take advantage of the marketplace. But it seems that fast fashion doesn’t often work at Dartmouth because here, things must be made to last.

The Casual Dresser

(02/06/13 10:30am)

People often argue that American fashion is moving into a European direction. Today’s fitted shirts, well-cut pants and simple patterns — if not plain colors — stand in stark contrast against the voluminous, boxy and neon figures of the nineties. But what we often forget is that Europe was once all about that trend too. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that Europe is simply ahead of the curve — just ahead enough that we attribute these ideas to them.

A "Clueless" Style Guide

(01/28/13 2:00pm)

“Clueless” (1995) is one of my favorite movies. There’s just something about ’90s romantic comedies that I love. Maybe it’s the catchphrases the characters use? No, it’s definitely the clothes — especially the film’s lead Cher Horowitz’s. Who doesn’t want a closet that is probably bigger than most dorm rooms or an app to help you pick out your outfit? Wait, there are already so many apps for that.