All Put Together

By Carinna Arvizo, the Dartmouth Staff | 11/4/13 7:00am

It’s barely November, and you’ve been wearing a sweater with pants almost every day. You’re tired of wearing what seems like a uniform. So why not try an embellished sweater? The embellished sweater may come across that a bedazzler attacked a sweater, but they can help you get out of your fall/winter wardrobe rut.









Bib Necklace Sweatshirt from J.Crew


Embellished sweaters are great for when you’re in a hurry. You don’t have to worry about adding accessories because you’re already wearing them. This brings me to another point: Be careful when accessorizing because it can be too much at times.










Embellished Neck Sweater by Topshop


The rhinestones on this sweater resemble a necklace, but are subtler than the one above. Not all embellished tops or sweaters are over the top, they can be toned down depending on the occasion or your mood.










Floral Beaded Pullover from Banana Republic


The floral beading adds a bit of life to your outfit without being flashy or making too much of a statement. This sweater is perfect over a button down blouse or by itself.


You can always wear a large and chunky necklace with a sweater to get the same look. The necklace is meant to give a plain sweater some color and life.

Carinna Arvizo, the Dartmouth Staff