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Alumni Council seeks to fill open trustee seat

(10/12/12 2:00am)

This weekend, the Alumni Council's Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee will interview four potential nominees to fill the Board of Trustees seat vacated by Peter Robinson '79, according to Nominating Committee Chair Pete Frederick '65. The committee is seeking an alumnus who has demonstrated "fierce loyalty" to the College and high achievement in his or her field, among other factors, Frederick said.

COSSA fails to meet since May

(10/12/12 2:00am)

The Committee on Student Safety and Accountability, a 12-member advisory group created in May to formulate short and long-term solutions to address hazing, high-risk drinking and sexual assault, has neither met since its initial meeting in the spring nor reached out to the local and national partner organizations outlined in former College President Jim Yong Kim's March 22 and May 8 press releases, according to COSSA members.

Rubin: Preserve Early Voting

(10/12/12 2:00am)

This election cycle, there has been a lot of talk about various election laws that have passed and will affect voters this coming November. However, one issue that has yet to take hold of the national spotlight is early voting. During the 2008 election, Barack Obama was able to win various key states and win the presidency because, in large part, he was able to clinch a large portion of those voters who voted early, either by mail or in person.

Verbum Ultimum: A Missed Opportunity

(10/12/12 2:00am)

In the spring, increased visibility of harmful hazing at Dartmouth prompted the College administration to announce the creation of the Committee on Student Safety and Accountability, equally comprised of students, faculty and staff, to work toward decreasing the incidence of harmful initiation rituals performed by student organizations ("College forms safety committee," May 8). Despite Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson's strong rhetoric regarding the importance of an inclusive discourse on campus hazing practices and specifically the important role that this committee would play, the members of the committee of which she serves as co-chair have not met since the committee's initial meeting in the spring ("COSSA fails to meet since May," Oct. 12). Greek house pledge terms, the primary locus of hazing, have been underway for weeks, and the failure of this committee to convene is inexplicable, especially given the amount of attention it received last spring when it was touted as proof of the College's willingness to reform.

Top 5 Sibling Combos We Wish Went to Dartmouth

(10/12/12 2:00am)

Prince William and Prince Harry. Are they even real brothers?!? Mary Kate and Ashley. Except that they would probably drop out after a year. Too real. The Weasley brothers. You know, in case our next president turns out to be another Dolores Umbridge. The Kennedys. Maybe we'd finally get that Taylor Swift concert, after all. Paris and Nicky Hilton. Nevermind.

Seeing Double

(10/12/12 2:00am)

Twins have fascinated me ever since I discovered that they were real. How could it possibly happen, I would wonder, that a fortunate assortment of individuals got to exist in doubles? Luckily, there is a plethora of these pairs around Dartmouth, all of whom have interesting insights to share about twinhood. While there are some who purposefully came to school with their siblings, there are others who ended up here by coincidence, and still others whose twin attends a different university.

Belittled in the Middle

(10/12/12 2:00am)

Perhaps you are the "problem child," the one who, as a kid, cried at every holiday and constantly broke prized family heirlooms. Maybe you are the middle child who everyone forgets about or the sister that isn't quite as pretty. Whatever your background may be, chances are you fit into some type of category like those listed above when it comes to your family. While each of us is an individual, at home, people constantly compare us to those in our families, especially our siblings. Without siblings, there would be no youngest, no smartest, no favorite. We would simply be, well, us. Fortunately, there is a magical place where this constant sibling comparison simply disappears. It's called college. On day one, you are not the shorter one, the one who looks like your dad or the most sensitive you are just a kid who was smart enough to get into Dartmouth.

Oh, the Different Places You'll Go

(10/12/12 2:00am)

The nature of sibling relationships is tricky you have to unconditionally love each other, but you can't help hating all those little quirks that only become visible after years of living with a person. Many siblings end up going to the same high school, which can either be a blessing or a curse. I absolutely loved having my sister at the same school as me we always hung out, grabbed lunch together and danced and sang on that long car ride to school. Other siblings avoid eye contact when their awkward older brother passes them in the hallway.

Blurring the Lines

(10/12/12 2:00am)

Most definitions of a sibling relationship are highly subjective. Some prefer to casually coexist like the acquaintances you wave to at the grocery store, while others swear by the deep-rooted blood ties that unite their souls. Regardless of where you stand, there are some general things that we can universally agree you do not want to associate with your sibling: You do not want to think about your little sister engaging in a dance floor make out, nor do you want to watch your big brother collapse in the corner of a frat basement after one too many games of pong. If you don't want proof of your actions on the Internet, you probably don't want your sibling to witness them, either. Certain lines are not meant to be crossed.

Big Green Sibs

(10/12/12 2:00am)

It was not all that hard tracking down '16s for this story when you've heard about how great Dartmouth is from your big brother or sister, it's hard to come up with reasons not to come here. And those interviewed unanimously agreed that having an older sibling who either attended or currently attends Dartmouth helps make Hanover feel like home much faster than it would have otherwise.

Letter from the Editors

(10/12/12 2:00am)

Having a sibling that is close in age to you is simultaneously the best and worst thing ever, especially if they are the same gender. As the older sibling, you typically get to be the boss you're the person that your younger brother or sister looks up to constantly and tries to emulate. As an older sister, I will say that this is true about half of the time. The rest of the time, you are usually getting in trouble for your sibling's devious trouble-making. Now that my sister Caitlin and I are semi-functional adults at different colleges, we can laugh about all of the ridiculous situations we have been through together. One time, my sister stuck gum in my hair on an international plane ride, and as a result, I had to get all of my hair shaved off. As punishment, she received the same buzz cut, and both of us looked absolutely ridiculous in our Christmas card that year. You win some, and in my case, you lose most. However, Priya, who is three years younger than her sister, claims that being the younger sibling doesn't give you full immunity for life. In fact, she has traumatic stories of her own from her younger, more impressionable years. Apparently, Meera's scheming ended in severe long-term psychological damage when she told Priya that brown M&Ms were, in fact, poop. It's been 15 years, and Priya still hasn't touched one. Spoiler alert: We have all since made amends (see photographic evidence below). In case you were wondering, yes, those are indeed matching family reunion shirts that Meera and Priya are wearing. Priya still wears hers to sleep.

Main Street sees new businesses

(10/11/12 10:00am)

Game Set Mat: Susan Valence of Lyme, N.H. recently opened a tennis and yoga boutique she cleverly deemed “Game Set Mat.” The store caters to women and girls, and sells yoga and tennis clothing, equipment and accessories. Valence said her business is unique and that merchandise at Game Set Mat is “more stylish than you can get at the local sporting goods stores in town.” Though the store opened only three weeks ago, Valence has seen Dartmouth customers tend to gravitate toward yoga leggings and athletic headbands. Valence also said that many students who attend Dartmouth Yoga Club’s weekly hour-long practices find they would rather purchase their own mat than use the school’s. In the new year, Valence hopes to partner with Dartmouth sororities to host events like fashion shows and yoga demonstrations. Game Set Mat will hold a grand opening on October 19, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by an open house. The boutique is located at 15 South Main Street. Hours can be found here.