Letter from the Editors

by Casey Aylward and Priya Krishna | 10/11/12 10:00pm

by Rebecca Xu / The Dartmouth

Having a sibling that is close in age to you is simultaneously the best and worst thing ever, especially if they are the same gender. As the older sibling, you typically get to be the boss you're the person that your younger brother or sister looks up to constantly and tries to emulate. As an older sister, I will say that this is true about half of the time. The rest of the time, you are usually getting in trouble for your sibling's devious trouble-making. Now that my sister Caitlin and I are semi-functional adults at different colleges, we can laugh about all of the ridiculous situations we have been through together. One time, my sister stuck gum in my hair on an international plane ride, and as a result, I had to get all of my hair shaved off. As punishment, she received the same buzz cut, and both of us looked absolutely ridiculous in our Christmas card that year. You win some, and in my case, you lose most. However, Priya, who is three years younger than her sister, claims that being the younger sibling doesn't give you full immunity for life. In fact, she has traumatic stories of her own from her younger, more impressionable years. Apparently, Meera's scheming ended in severe long-term psychological damage when she told Priya that brown M&Ms were, in fact, poop. It's been 15 years, and Priya still hasn't touched one. Spoiler alert: We have all since made amends (see photographic evidence below). In case you were wondering, yes, those are indeed matching family reunion shirts that Meera and Priya are wearing. Priya still wears hers to sleep.

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