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Administration Should Help Students

(07/19/96 9:00am)

Are administrative offices at Dartmouth set up to help or hinder students? Well for $30,000 a year, you'd figure that they would be set up to coddle their Ivy League students through these first few years of living away from home. After two years, and $60,000, I now realize that they are basically set up to make your life as difficult as possible, for a reason that I have yet to figure out. Let me tell you a story, and you can make up your mind.

Separating Basement Culture From Our Everyday Lives

(07/17/96 9:00am)

Quickly and quietly, a year has passed since the discovery of the now infamous Beta poem -- a year marked by turmoil and talk about the Greek system, its merits, problems and effect on campus social space. How appropriate that after a year of discussion, action and reflection we return to the thing that sparked such controversy this past winter. We return to shit.

Drunken Lack of Respect Must End

(07/17/96 9:00am)

As sisters of Sigma Delta, wesupport our sisters' editorial printed on July 9th. Our own opinions about the break in and related events differ only in the approach and understanding of the inherent problem on this campus. This incident is being presented as the culmination in a series of attacks against our house, and other sororities on campus; a manifestation of the gender relations problems so prevalent at Dartmouth. However, we feel that the break-in was representational of an even more ubiquitous problem at Dartmouth: that of a lack of respect for oneself, others and other people's property while under the influence of alcohol.

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