Editors' Note

by Caris White and Meghan Powers | 11/2/22 2:00am

by Arianna Stamatoyannopoulos / The Dartmouth

Friends, Romans, Dartmouth students — lend me your ears. As week 8 descends on an unsuspecting student body, we at Mirror have been stocking up on everything you’ll need to finish this term off with a bang. On the docket: a non-negotiable eight hours of sleep, a full water bottle, socks that feel like a warm hug around your ankles and a playlist that sounds like sunshine in your ears.

Mirror’s featured artists this week have a couple of tunes in the queue that you’re sure to enjoy: One writer gets a behind-the-scenes glance at some of campus’s most decked-out dorms, while another sees her sleepless nights in a new light thanks to Taylor Swift’s “Midnights.” Also on rotation is a Q&A with professor Peter Tse, a look back on Choatapalooza, a reflection on the lifestyle changes that accompany the transition to college, a chat with the young alumni back for Homecoming, an investigation of where to find Dartmouth school spirit and an article that isn’t afraid to usher in the spirit of Christmas — even while autumn leaves still cling to the trees. This week, we’re also introducing a new label for reflections, which will designate the pieces written from one writer’s personal experience.

Take care of yourselves this week. This last part of the term comes with the pressure of making good on all the promises you made to yourself at the beginning, and reconciling yourself to where you feel like you’ve fallen short. But as a wise boy band — “The Beach Boys” — once said: “Don’t worry, baby. Everything will turn out alright.” Go ahead and hit shuffle. We’ll see you next week.