Editors' note

by Caris White and Meghan Powers | 10/5/22 2:00am

by Elaine Pu / The Dartmouth

At the start of the term, the trees of Hanover kept the coming season a secret. Standing tall, green and proud well into September, only the dip in temperature hinted at what this autumn had in store. Now it’s the first week of October and everything looks different. Orange, red and yellow leaves wink at us as we make our way across the Green — the same leaves that were here all year, now demanding our attention. 

This week at Mirror, we’re thinking about change. One writer reflects on the importance of universal love in a tribute to those our community has recently lost. Another writer considers the transformations in identity that occur when students join Greek life. Two new Mirror writers tackle the excitement of Family Weekend and one final piece discovers the romantic philosophy of Main Street’s Left Bank Books.

After months of anticipation, the world around us is changing all at once. Like two hundred and fifty years of Dartmouth students before us, we will step out of the door and into the brisk October air, armed with knit sweaters, excited nerves and endless possibilities.