Editors' Note

by Caris White and Meghan Powers | 9/14/22 2:00am

It’s week one, but it just doesn’t feel like autumn leaves are falling down like pieces into place. Maybe it’s the still-green forestry or the crowds of unfamiliar new faces or the fact that this is my last fall ever, but I can’t shake this term’s particularly frantic feeling.

Whether your first week has been similarly overstimulating or if everything is just right, our writers have prepared some food for thought. One recounts his strenuous yet joyful trip-leading experience, while another provides a pithy breakdown of DDS’s finest dining hacks. After a summer away, one writer reflects on embracing childlike wonder on her mental (and geographical) journey to academic fulfillment, and another sees Dartmouth with new eyes, noticing changes even as its historic bones stand tall.

But in the wise words of former editor Novi Zhukovsky, that’s just the way it goes. The term will begin to collect itself as the leaves begin to change color. Here at the Mirror editorial desk, we’re excited to be along for one final ride.