Editors' Note

by Novi Zhukovsky and Christina Baris | 10/13/21 2:00am

by Peyton Bond / The Dartmouth

This past week has marked many firsts, and also many lasts. It was the first time that the ’24s and ’25s participated in the cult-like tradition of the Homecoming bonfire and felt the warmth of its extraordinary flames. For many ’24s, it was their first weekend of being affiliated with Greek organizations. It was also the first time that the many members of the classes of ’21 and ’20 came back to campus post-graduation. And for the ’22s, this weekend was the first of many lasts — our last bonfire as undergraduates. It’s not always easy for these important moments to sink in. But even if we aren’t able to appreciate them in the moment, we always have the memories to look back on. 

This week at Mirror, we look at how study abroad trips are operating this term and shed light on the tenure process at Dartmouth. We also spotlight a class on the future of capitalism, highlight social alternatives to Greek life at other universities and hear from a ’23 on how she feels about being halfway through her Dartmouth experience. 

While this past weekend marked some firsts and lasts, we’ve still got a lot to look forward to. It’s week five and we’ve got half of a term ahead of us. So whether you’re a ’24 thinking about sending your first flitz or a ’22 planning your last peak-foliage gile hike, go for it. The memories we make now will stay with us well beyond our years at the College. 

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