Editor's Note

by Carolyn Zhou and Nikhita Hingorani | 1/16/19 2:23am

Milestones. Sometimes, milestones are a good thing — who can forget the joy of their first day of starting college, of a baby’s first “mama,” of buying one’s first apartment?

However, occasionally, milestones can signal something less than desirable — the 25th day of a government shutdown, the first day that you don’t oversleep your 9L, your first real heartbreak.

In celebration of Dartmouth’s 250th anniversary, this week’s issue of the Mirror is all about milestones. Over the past few weeks, we have been able to celebrate with the College by taking the special Dartmouth 250 classes offered this term, attending the various festivities held in the middle of the library and being awe-struck over famous landmarks being turned green (is this where our tuition money goes?).

In this issue, we take a closer look at this Dartmouth milestone and also reflect on the importance of more personal milestones, such as turning a year older or recognizing the turning points of our lives as college students. Read on and celebrate with us. 

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