Carolyn Zhou



Editor's Note

 Milestones. Sometimes, milestones are a good thing — who can forget the joy of their first day of starting college, of a baby’s first “mama,” of buying one’s first apartment? However, occasionally, milestones can signal something less than desirable — the 25th day of a government shutdown, the first day that you don’t oversleep your 9L, your first real heartbreak. In celebration of Dartmouth’s 250th anniversary, this week’s issue of the Mirror is all about milestones.


Decisions, Decisions

The wildly popular Netflix series on the ways technology can warp our lives, Black Mirror, came out with a new episode, “Bandersnatch,” over winter break.


Editor's Note: Let's Get Political

The last few weeks, and months, have been pretty crazy ­— news of mailed pipe bombs, an accusation of sexual assault by a Supreme Court nominee and yet another mass shooting driven by anti-Semitism have left many in this country reeling.


Editor's Note: Gender

Gender. Some of us think about it more than others — one may happen to notice this particular aspect of one’s identity more in certain situations, such as walking home at night in the city.


Editor's Note: Silence

Our campus, though nestled in the white mountains of New Hampshire, hours away from the hustle and bustle of city life, is a thriving and pulsing center.


Editor's Note: Hierarchy

Hierarchy. Our lives, and society, are often structured around hierarchies. Some of the hierarchies around us are benign.


Editor's Note: Evolution

Evolution. It’s the reason why we’re here. It’s why we stand on two legs, why most of us get our wisdom teeth taken out, why we have five fingers to clasp our morning coffee.


Editor's Note: Time Flies

Time flies when you’re having fun. Or in our case, time flies when your term is packed back-to-back with midterms, meetings, lunch dates and midnight cram sessions.

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