Mirror Asks

by Cristian Cano and Eliza Jane Schaeffer | 7/27/18 2:20am

Define “persistence” in four words.

Zachary Benjamin ‘19: Keep on trucking on.

Cristian Cano ‘20: Remember: just keep swimming!

Annika Kouhia ‘20: Refusing even inevitable defeat.

Eliza Jane Schaeffer ‘20: Opposite of giving up.

Ioana Solomon ‘19: Believing nothing is impossible.

Sebastian Wurzrainer ‘20: Annoyingly never giving up. 

Define “corporate recruiting” in four words.

ZB: Resumes are surprisingly difficult.

CC: What’s a case study?

AK: Hating yourself (potentially reimbursed).

EJS: Rush for real life.

IS: “Dare to be different.”

SW: Absolute and total trash.

What is your strategy for getting through tough tasks?

ZB: Grit my teeth and bear it.

CC: Take plenty of breaks! And naps! And when in doubt, bring out the face masks.

EJS: I remind myself that though I may feel horrible in the moment, the pain will not last forever.

IS: Procrastinate. Caffeinate. Grind. Repeat.

SW: Concentration and time management.

In your opinion, what is the worst possible way to spend three hours?

ZB: Doing something that’s neither necessary nor fun.

CC: Reading the Terms and Conditions. Or any legal jargon, really.

AK: Complaining.

EJS: In a blank room with full sensory deprivation.

IS: Red-eye layovers.

SW: Preparing for corporate recruiting.

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