Editor's Note: Blessings In Disguise

by Marie-Capucine Pineau-Valencienne and Carolyn Zhou | 5/16/18 2:40am

Carolyn: I was disappointed to find out that I was randomly assigned to live in the River cluster — notoriously known as one of the worst dorms because of its distant location from the center of campus. I soon found that the long walk down Tuck Drive was worth it because of the unique community that organically sprung up there. I didn’t necessarily feel grateful for it while I was making the 20-minute trek to the River through the snow and hail, but looking back, I would now regard living in the River as a blessing in disguise, as I met some of my best friends there.

Cappy: When I was little, I didn’t like math. I have distinct memories of sitting at my kitchen table, nine years old and huffing and puffing, pained at the thought of learning my multiplication tables. A stack of colorful flashcards stared back at me. I am quite happy for those flashcards — happy that my mother told me to sit down and do my homework. Although my little eyes rolled to the back of my head then, I can now split bills with friends, calculate what tip to leave and know whether I’m really saving by ordering an extra t-shirt to hit the free shipping amount. It’s the little things that count. 

This week, the Mirror explores the blessings that disguise themselves behind general education requirements, creative callings and even the injuries that plague student athletes. We explore the blessings that aren’t easiest to see, the diamonds in the rough, the hidden gems we only come to appreciate later. Every cloud has a silver lining. 

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