Editor's Note: The Uncanny

by Marie-Capucine Pineau-Valencienne and Carolyn Zhou | 10/31/00 2:30am

In honor of Halloween, the Mirror dives into all that is creepy, weird and unsettling — all that is uncanny. 

When something is “uncanny” to us, we know that it is creepy, without knowing why. The uncanny is something seemingly normal, so normal that it feels strange. Such as our traditions. Instead of retreating to the depths of the Stacks and the third and fourth floors of Berry (in usual Week Eight fashion), tonight, students will roam the streets of Hanover with bunny ears on their heads and lightsabers in their hands. Why do we, on one night every year, open our doors and hand out goodies to complete strangers in masks? Isn’t it quite odd that we enjoy giving ourselves a fright — either jumping on haunted hay rides or walking through corn mazes in the dark? Perhaps it is the adrenaline, the change from the everyday boredom that we endure, that drives us to create a holiday celebrating fear. 

Before you run off and fix your last-minute costume, read on to discover what scares us: our midterm grades, the Graveyard at night and movies so sick they make us pass out. 

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