Paul Heintz


Student Press Pushing Censorship

One Carlos Mejia '08, managing editor of the venerable Dartmouth Free Press, wrote that he was "strongly disappointed" that The Dartmouth printed the names of finalists for the Dean of the College position last week ("Dean candidate names should not have been published," Feb.

The Democracy of Diversity

The selection of the Class of 2006's Senior Executive Committee earlier this month raises a number of troubling questions concerning the Dartmouth administration's conception of diversity and democracy.

Mohammed & Fellow

A free, vibrant and uncensored press is one of the most important components of a democratic society; it is also one of the most embattled.

Dealing with Danger

To the Editor: Upon reading yesterday's police blotter, I was relieved to find that Safety and Security seems to have adopted a new "preemptive strike" protocol to locate, isolate and neutralize potential threats to the College before they have a chance to metastasize into a clear and present danger. Philip Salinger '08 relates to our humble reader a harrowing narrative of a "man who looked like a transient" getting off a bus and strolling the tranquil streets of our fair Hanover.

The Merits of Instant-Runoff Voting

I won't pretend to fully understand the political machinations and maneuverings of our tremendously committed alumni with regard to the election of trustees.

Vote Yourself

I have heard a lot of talk during this campaign about my opponents' many accomplishments in their time on Student Assembly.

Ready Up for the Doctor and the General

Hello, and welcome to the big show. If you're like most of America and just tuning into the Democratic primary election now, you've missed quite a performance.

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