Matt Yuen


NARP Meets World: The End of NARP

Facing the inevitable end of his column, Matt Yuen '19 descends into ramblings of madness before discovering a glimmer of truth.

The Weekend Roundup: Week Nine

Mark Cui '19, Jonathan Katzman '17, Evan Morgan '19 and Matt Yuen '19 recap this past weekend's athletic performances in week nine of the roundup, including the women squash's victory in the Kurtz Cup and women lacrosse's early dominance.

NARP Meets World: The Prodigal Son Returns

After a prolonged break, your favorite columnist Matt Yuen '19 finally returns to the scene to enlighten his viewers on the insightful lessons he has learned during his time off.

The Weekend Roundup: Week Six

Alex Leibowitz '19, Matt Yuen '19, and Jonathan Katzman '17 recap this past weekend's athletic performances in week six of the roundup.

The Weekend Roundup: Week Four

Jonathan Katzman '17 and Matt Yuen '19 recap this past weekend's athletic performances, including the men's and women's squash teams' trouncing of Middlebury College 9-0.

NARP Meets World: Nonsense

It seems like it’s that time of the term again. As the temperature outside continues to drop, our hearts for each other only grow warmer.

NARP Meets World: The End of a Legacy

Find out what Matt Yuen '19 means when he writes, "From the very inception of NARP Meets World, it’s been a constant war of attrition between the editors of this paper and myself."