Decisions, Decisions

by Carolyn Zhou and Nikhita Hingorani | 1/9/19 2:35am

The wildly popular Netflix series on the ways technology can warp our lives, Black Mirror, came out with a new episode, “Bandersnatch,” over winter break. The format of the episode is quite novel: it is somewhat like a choose-your-own-adventure book, except in television form.

The episode starts out quite benignly, with the viewer choosing which cereal the main character eats for breakfast, but quickly devolves into more difficult and crazy decisions — we won’t spoil it for you here.

Life is very much like a choose-your-own adventure ­— except in this one, we can’t just rewind to the beginning of the episode and start over when we make the wrong decision. This week’s issue of the Mirror is about decisions — the 35,000 we make every day: some of them are important, some of them not so important. You’ve decided to pick up this issue of the Mirror (or click on our social media post — hello, online readers!), but it might not be immediately clear how this decision might manifest in your life, if at all. Perhaps you’ll open your laptop and begin watching Bandersnatch. Or read on.