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Editors' Note

(02/28/14 1:53am)

Dartmouth’s history and traditions were among the first things we noticed when we visited this school. They then played a crucial part in why we chose to spend four years here. We couldn’t wait to run around the bonfire and plunge into Occom Pond in the dead of winter. We could picture ourselves sinking into the same Tower Room chairs on which Dr. Seuss may have sat while he wrote his essays. We wanted to become a part of something larger than ourselves, something with a history.

Editors' Note

(02/20/14 10:19am)

Permanence is a funny thing, and something we have been increasingly thinking about recently. Though we have both made a few relatively permanent decisions, ranging from getting a tattoo to choosing where to get our degrees, our lives up until this point have remained pretty fluid.

Editors' Note

(02/13/14 10:38pm)

We may or may not have been cyborgs in high school. We somehow managed to attend every meeting for each club even vaguely related to our interests, won awards for sports and woke up chipper at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m. We didn’t have to sacrifice anything, because for some reason, everything was possible. It all fit snugly into the 24-hour day, with time in between for snacks and naps.

Editors' Note

(01/31/14 1:37am)

As much as we might try to fight it, moving away from home changes things. Surrounding yourself with a community of people at Dartmouth, be they from your floor or your late nights in Robo, is an incredible opportunity to build relationships that blur the lines between friend and family. But what does this mean for the people back home?

Editors' Note

(01/24/14 1:35am)

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been surrounded by rankings. Our dads shouted at the TV when there was an upset (Erin’s about basketball, Marina’s about assorted Russian music awards). We were both bummed when that girl from PE class suddenly removed us from her Top Eight on MySpace. And don’t even get us started on the Neopets games room.

Editors' Note

(01/17/14 3:23am)

This week, we took a deeper look at social issues that Dartmouth has confronted (namely, Lohse-pocalypse) and how the College has handled and learned from them. As two juniors (?!) having lived through many less-than-flattering Dartmouth headlines, we have had a lot of time to reflect on our very own social problems and successes.

Editors' Note

(01/10/14 12:34am)

As we attempt to adjust to the frozen tundra that is 14W, we’ve noticed a lot of changes at the College on the Hill. Daylight hours have dwindled, King Arthur Flour has reintroduced the brie-and-apple staple to our daily diets and overeager ’18s are wandering their soon-to-be alma mater. And of course, there’s us — your new Mirror editors. We know we have big shoes to fill, especially when it comes to giving you your weekly dose of Overheards and double entendres. Before we dive into the lives of others, we wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves. After extensive research on OkCupid (online dating is legit, we promise), we’ve come up with profiles to give you a little insight into our deeply private personal lives.

Orientation features variety of events

(09/11/13 2:00am)

This Tuesday kicked off New Student Orientation for the Class of 2017 with torrents of eager pick-up lines from upperclassmen, open houses for families and technology help for those still trying to figure out how to install Dartmouth Secure. Orientation week marks the first time that the 1,122 members of the Class of 2017 come together to meet each other and explore the College before they begin four years together.

What to Wear: Those wardrobe items to avoid and cherish

(08/14/13 2:00am)

Packing for college is kind of like trying to pretend your whole life can suddenly be compressed and folded snugly into a faded suitcase. It's the time when you finally realize that you'll probably never wear your seventh-grade skort again, and that the high school sweatshirt that's always blended in will suddenly distinguish you in a sea of students wearing Dartmouth green. Packing is when you have to decide what exactly is going to transfer well into a new school with a whole new dress code. So let's get down to business what do we really wear at Dartmouth?

Students explore, influence and volunteer in Upper Valley

(08/13/13 2:00am)

The Dartmouth bubble refers to the perception that students are limited to the College's people and activities. The Upper Valley community, however, offers a wide variety of ways to explore the environment, provide service to others and contribute to local politics. Dartmouth's natural environment sets it apart from many of its peer institutions and gives students the opportunity to actively explore the outdoors. Adam Schneider '15, a cabin and trail leader in the Dartmouth Outing Club, said hiking options are limitless.