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February 22, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors' Note

As we attempt to adjust to the frozen tundra that is 14W, we’ve noticed a lot of changes at the College on the Hill. Daylight hours have dwindled, King Arthur Flour has reintroduced the brie-and-apple staple to our daily diets and overeager ’18s are wandering their soon-to-be alma mater. And of course, there’s us — your new Mirror editors. We know we have big shoes to fill, especially when it comes to giving you your weekly dose of Overheards and double entendres. Before we dive into the lives of others, we wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves. After extensive research on OkCupid (online dating is legit, we promise), we’ve come up with profiles to give you a little insight into our deeply private personal lives.

Erin Landau ’15, 20, Female, Los Angeles. What I’m doing with my life: Singing in the Dartmouth Decibelles, living off campus and loving it, editing this gem every week, hopefully skiing somewhere with actual snow, gazing happily into my SAD lamp, reading graphic novels. I’m really good at: Organizing my planner neurotically, doing all of the reading before class, crying during “Pretty Woman” (1990) and “The Lord of the Rings” (2001), getting fired up about global health issues. The two things I could never live without: Peanut butter and a Moleskine notebook.

Marina Shkuratov ’15, 20, Female, Westwood, Mass. What I’m doing with my life: Pretending to be a Mirror veteran (I’m a rookie transfer from the exotic news and arts sections), pretending to be characters I’m not on Mock Trial, pretending to apply for internships, pretending to go to the gym, actually reconnecting with all the amazing people and DDS food items I missed during my fall term in London. I’m really good at: Ballroom dancing, accidentally replying all on every blitz I receive, planning lunch dates two weeks in advance, wearing Russian hats. The two things I could never live without: My family and potatoes.

We’re so excited to dig deeper into serious and ridiculous issues on this campus, and feel free to blitz us anytime at with Overheards, questions, compliments or concerns.