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Types of Prospies You'll Meet at Dimensions

(04/23/17 10:11pm)

Although each and every ’21 is wonderfully unique enough to be accepted to Dartmouth, it often seems like the same sets of stock prospies are admitted in every class. Rain or shine, some archetypal prospies are always present at every Dimensions weekend. As you walk around campus the next couple of weeks, keep an eye out for these guys — and consider if you ever were or are one of them.

50 Winter Terms

(04/03/17 4:04pm)

Ever since the rogue snowstorm that has transformed Dartmouth back into a winter wonderland hell danger zone, the fact that we are actually finished with week one of spring term seems like a far-off fantasy. Some shed tears in hopes of sunshine and warmer weather, while others reminisce on the fresh, crisp pow that graced the slopes of ski mountains just a few short weeks ago. However, no matter the outlook, 17S has appeared to be more of a 17W 2.0 — so why not try and relive your best self – winter term is always a peak time — in what seems to be “50 Winter Terms”. 

Texts From Last Night: Winter Carnival 2017 Edition

(02/15/17 5:11am)

It was quite the magical Big Weekend for 17W. Whether you had one too many (butter)beers or someone hit you with a Forgetfulness Charm (Obliviate!), there's a good chance you may not remember some of the questionable texts you sent. Luckily (or unluckily), Dartbeat has proven once again that the internet is forever and no Vanishing Charm can save you. Without further ado, we present: the best "Texts from Last Night" from Winter Carnival.

Through the Looking Glass: Dartmouth's Mythical Community

(02/13/17 11:49pm)

Winters at Dartmouth are my favorite terms. Winters in general are my favorite time — there is something magical in the beginning of the year, the promise of something new and the hope for many snow days. I have been on campus every winter, and I have come to appreciate this hated term for slightly shorter lines at the Collis Center and a general acceptance of not going out on Friday nights. I have also come to appreciate how much my winters here have taught me about Dartmouth’s mythical community.

Your Harry Potter Flair Guide

(02/13/17 1:47am)

Given the theme of this year's Winter Carnival, you might have been hoping to snag some new Harry Potter accessories for your flair box. Unfortunately, you didn't win the (nonexistent) drawing for a $72 Deathly Hallows necklace and you can't buy any new costumes because your Gringotts vault is out of DA$H. So, in celebration of Witchcraft, Blizzardry and being broke, here are some Pinterest-worthy (not really) ideas to help you make the most of what you’ve already got.

The Best Cold Cuts on Campus

(01/26/17 11:21pm)

Every Dartmouth student is probably already familiar with the “warm cut” – a path to class or your dorm that, if not more efficient, provides brief respite from the frigid Hanover weather. Whether it’s through Baker-Berry on the way to drill or a quick detour into Collis while you’re headed toward the Hop, warm cuts are an important way to keep up morale during the dark months of winter term.

6 Ways to Console Your Southern Friends During Winter

(01/19/17 10:30pm)

As you can probably attest to, New England winters can be tough – even for those students who grew up in and around the Northeast. However, sometimes we fail to consider what the cold and snowy winter means for Dartmouth students from the South, who spent years and years getting days off for less than an inch or two of snow. In fact, your very own southern friend just might be finding it extremely hard to cope with the pain and suffering that 17W has brought, despite the lack of actual cold and prodigal amounts of snow. But don’t fret, my friends, for there are ways in which you can ease their winter woes and help them adjust to the concept of a real winter season.

How to Survive Your Freshman Winter

(01/19/17 8:31pm)

Winter can be a tough time for everyone – it’s questionably too cold to go out (but everyone does it anyways), definitely too cold to be productive and just cold enough that the ice sticks around and makes all of campus a hazard for treacherous falls. But don’t fret – there are so many ways to put your winter woes behind you and learn to truly ~thrive~ and not just survive 17W!

Snow Sculpture 2017: A Minimalist Perspective

(01/19/17 3:00pm)

Breaking: Dartmouth students angry because the making of that thing they didn’t want to participate in is being taken away from them! This past Friday we all opened our blitz to some expected earth-shattering news: The Winter Carnival snow sculpture has been cancelled due to, among other reasons, “declining involvement from the student body at large.” (Ooh, drag me, Winter Carnival committee.) This ultimately resulted in some strongly worded grumbles like “what will we Instagram Week Six?” and “Lest the old traditions fail, etc., etc.”

Winter Gear Guide

(01/10/17 9:46pm)

For freshmen experiencing their first New England winter or people who’ve spent most of their lives somewhere that isn’t the inside of a freezer, adjusting to the Hanover tundra can be challenging without the right equipment. However, contrary to popular belief, it is indeed possible to stay warm without blowing a thousand dollars on a Canada Goose jacket (all of which could be used to purchase approximately 80.1 large EBA’s single-topping pizzas). Here’s what you’ll really need to brave the cold:   

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