Overheards: Week 6

| 2/19/17 10:02am

’19: “Playing shrub is like playing Quidditch with only two hoops.”

’20 #1: “He just kept trying to kiss me over and over again”
’20 #2: “Like a perpetual motion machine toward your face”

<p>dartbeat overheards</p>

’19 (Post-Super Bowl): "I tried to kick him out last night, but you can't remove someone from a three-person group message."

’20: “Do you NOT know the term wall star?”

'17: “I’m in Ravenclaw. I don’t know how I feel about that … I could’ve gotten Gryffindor if I didn’t say that I show up to office hours.”

’19 SigEp: “Ahh, he’s missing Pop Punk!”
19 SAE:
“You mean Champagne?”
’19 SigEp: “No. I don’t.”

Overheard at the gym: "I've booted vodka so many times that the smell of hand sanitizer triggers me."

’18: “I ain't going to that. No friends in SAE, no friends in Sigma Delt, no friends generally…”

’17: “I mean HELLO, do I look Palestinian?? I’m Ashkenazi. I think I look the most Jewish of anyone here I know who is Jewish, and I’m HALF.”

’19: “Does it count as house-cest if it happened before she got a bid?”

SOCY prof to class: “Is Moving Dartmouth Forward part of your lives at all?”

’20 at Polar Plunge: “This is like Club Penguin in action!”

’20 #1: "Do you think I could ‘accio’ my dignity"
’20 #2: “In theory, yeah, but you can't find something you never had"

’18: -puts down mozz sticks, grilled cheese and chocolate cake at Courtyard Cafe register- "I’m joining the health food craze."

'19 #1: *Plays the NFL theme song at Droco*
’19 #2: “She had a speaker. Why."

’19: “I can’t believe I sat on the Light Side.”

’19 #1: “[name redacted] never comes to events. She’s like a ghost.”
’19 #2: “She’s off this term…”
’19 #1: “Oh, that would explain it.”

’19 at 11 a.m. on a Sunday: “Oh, it’s already snowing again. Shoot me.”

’20: “If you could kill people you didn’t like, Dartmouth would really be a small liberals arts school.”

’17: “What is North Park?”

’20: “Is SAE the same thing as SigEp?”

’17: “Wait, Chicken Baby is ALWAYS relevant. Every once in awhile, I will go back just to look at old pictures of Chicken Baby.”

’19: “If Winter Carnival was Rainbow Road, Week 7 and 8 would be Mario Circuit and Baby Park.”

Visiting Guy in KDE: "This frat's ratio is amazing."