Your Harry Potter Flair Guide

By Callie Page | 2/12/17 8:47pm

Given the theme of this year's Winter Carnival, you might have been hoping to snag some new Harry Potter accessories for your flair box. Unfortunately, you didn't win the (nonexistent) drawing for a $72 Deathly Hallows necklace and you can't buy any new costumes because your Gringotts vault is out of DA$H. So, in celebration of Witchcraft, Blizzardry and being broke, here are some Pinterest-worthy (not really) ideas to help you make the most of what you’ve already got.

The basics:


Bathrobe = Hogwarts robe
A stick = a wand (duh)
Sharpie = Harry’s scar
Allen house scarf = Gryffindor scarf
North Park scarf = Ravenclaw scarf
Traffic cone + black paint = wizard hat (style, look it up)
Scarves for every other housing community = lol sucks
Sunglasses with no lenses = Harry’s glasses

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Repurpose your Halloween costume:

Animal costume = slutty Animagus/Patronus
Hawaiian shirt = Dumbledore on vacation
Lifeguard outfit = someone has to watch the Great Lake
Nerd costume = Neville
Cat ears = botched Polyjuice Potion attempt

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Raid your dorm’s supply closet:

Swiffer sweeper + sticks = Nimbus 2000TM
Windex + Nalgene = potions class
Bleach + your hair = Draco Malfoy
Toilet paper + glasses + crying = Moaning Myrtle

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A foreign exchange student = someone from Durmstrang/Beauxbatons
Pillowcase + scissors + sock = Dobby
An orange from Foco = golden snitch
Two oranges from Foco = theft
Doing your homework = Hermione
Grow a beard = Hagrid (this one also requires you to be a 6’ 8” football player)
DIY prison tattoo = Dark mark
Normal Snuggie = Dumbledore
Kid’s size Snuggie = Dumblewhore
Participate in a DFMO = Dementor

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Callie Page