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Quiz: How Long Until You Slip On Ice?

(01/13/16 1:00pm)

It's 6 degrees. It's 60 degrees. It's 6 degrees again. You know Hanover weather, and by now you've probably settled into a truly Dartmouthian holding pattern of perpetual uncertainty. Maybe you wear ten layers. Maybe you spent winterim training to withstand the physical and emotional pain of your nose hairs freezing together. Or maybe you avoid the problem entirely, accepting the reality of never again seeing a human face. Either way, it will happen: you will eventually slip on the ice.

Best Listserv Blitzes of 2015

(01/12/16 1:30pm)

Dartmouth students receive thousands of blitzes from the campus listserv every day (Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but we all know the pain of a flooded inbox.) Last year, I decided to embrace the blitzstorm phenomenon: Instead of frantically deleting every blitz that didn’t directly relate to me, I filtered through my inbox to narrow down the best listserv blitzes of 2015. Here are the top 10:

10 Times The Mindy Project Perfectly Captured Life at Dartmouth

(01/12/16 11:00am)

Explaining Big Green culture to someone living outside the Dartmouth bubble is never easy. Trippees? Drill? 'Shmob? What the hell is a Foco? Luckily Mindy Kaling, one of our more famous alums (and former cartoonist for The D), is bringing Dartmouth life to the big screen in her TV series, The Mindy Project. While it's true that Mindy Lahiri never attends Dartmouth in the show, we can't help but notice that a few of her experiences perfectly sum up life at Dartmouth:

6 Steps To Dealing With Your BFF Post-Study Abroad

(01/11/16 11:00am)

16W is finally here and with it the return of snow, sleet and cripplingly depressed LSA/FSP students. While your recently-abroad BFF transitions back to the Hanover winter, you’ll be busy braving the bitter chill of your quasi-cultured companion. For those of you interested in salvaging what is left of your friendship, here are six tips for dealing with your annoying BFF post-study abroad.

Winterim Week By Week

(01/08/16 1:07pm)

Some of us spent winterim hiking through the Amazon rainforest, while others traveled only as far as their fridge. Some of us learned the art of Tuscan cuisine, while others continued to burn toast in the safety of their homes. And while many of us set aside time for family and old friends, most of us spent six weeks burning through the list of Netflix originals.

9 Things You Wish You Could NRO In Real Life

(01/07/16 12:04pm)

The NRO has saved your life (and your GPA) on more than one occasion, and you couldn’t be more grateful for its existence. If the administration ever actually gets rid of it, you’ll be the first to write a letter of protest. But what if the NRO applied to more than just your CHEM 52 class? Here are 9 things you wish you could NRO IRL:

Quiz: Which New Year's Resolution Will You Break This 16W?

(01/06/16 11:09am)

Studies have shown that 88% of people who set New Year's resolutions fail to follow through on them (Thanks, Wikipedia!) Come late March, many of us lose motivation (or simply forget) about our resolutions. Sometimes it’s because we make too many resolutions, and sometimes it’s because we set goals that are far too unrealistic. In the spirit of practicality (and as my promise to "never lose another pong game" flies out the window), I think it’s time we all admit that our resolutions are doomed to fail.

Best of the Campus Blotter 2015

(11/17/15 8:45am)

Ah, the end of yet another term. It’s so close you can practically taste it. Or maybe that’s the taste of the Thanksgiving turkey you’re so eagerly anticipating. But before we part ways, let us take a stroll down memory lane in honor of a glorious 2015, full of cringe-worthy and laughable campus shenanigans. From bikes to booze andcandles to chicken costumes, we present the best of the Campus Blotter. Apr. 3, 3:02 p.m., Little Residence Hall:Safety and Security officers responded to a report of a student using pepper spray in the Choates cluster. Safety and Security located the student and confiscated the pepper spray. There were reportedly no injuries.

How Will Your Political Beliefs Change Through College?

(11/16/15 1:33pm)

College is a time when people's political views separate from those of their parents. They branch out, experiment with new ideologies and authors and eventually form ideas of their own. A person who comes into college a conservative may leave an ardent left-winger, but someone who enters as a moderate liberal may end up a conservative. So how will college treat your views? See where you were when you entered and follow the flowchart to determine your ideological destiny.

GroCo: A Search for FoCo’s Least Appealing Options

(11/12/15 2:21pm)

On a gloomy Monday evening, we headed to FoCo to taste test the grossest looking foods being served that night. It was a particularly grim evening, and we had a lot to try — although sadly most of the foods we tried were just as gross (if not more so) than they looked. We left FoCo with our hunger notsatiated and our minds reeling from the disgust we felt at the sight of such vulgar foods. The Soup

9 Times the Orozco Mural Captured Your Week 9 Struggles

(11/10/15 9:26am)

Welcome to week nine! It’s that point in the term when you might look up from your p-set to see a painting of someone being tortured and think, Wow, I can totally relate to that. Luckily, the Orozco Mural Room is full of images that encapsulate the end-of-term experience. 1. When you’re just trying to keep it together but everything is falling apart.

I'm Sprung: Examining Residential Cluster Planning

(11/09/15 3:26pm)

Last Monday, the College unveiled its plan for the six house communities that students will be sorted into beginning next fall. I, however, would like to focus on one major part of this plan that went largely unnoticed — the two temporary buildings that will be built as “living room spaces” for the communities as other residence halls’ social spaces are renovated. The first temporary building will be constructed between Gile and Hitchcock Halls and is referred to by the College as a “modular building,” which according to Wikipedia looks something like this:

8 People Who Deserve Honorary Degrees at Dartmouth

(11/09/15 11:53am)

Dartmouth’s Council on Honorary Degrees recently began compiling nominations for potential recipients. Honorary degrees will be awarded at Commencement in the spring, but faculty and members of the graduating class have been requested to offer names of individuals to be considered for the honorary degrees. While we’re sure there are some great ideas, we wanted to be sure to put these names on the table. Souleymane:Likely the happiest, most iconic and beloved member of the Dartmouth family, it’s time for us to show Souleymane how much we truly appreciate him and offer him an honorary degree. Seeing him at the Hop can brighten anyone’s day, and if there’s anyone deserving of being on this list, it’s him.

5 Worst People in Your Final Project Group

(11/06/15 3:29pm)

Group projects are some of the greatest experiences we have during our academic careers. By greatest, I mean most excruciating, unbearable, ridiculous and trite form of forced cooperation to which our fearless leaders (endowed with their fancy PhDs) subject our fragile minds. College is all about independence, right? Close, but leave off the “in-” next time. In high school, group projects were different. We were the ones who volunteered to do the hard work. Why? Because, if you want it done right, you do it yourself. Then you tell your partners how to explain your findings to the ‘teach. Group projects at this lofty institution, however, are an entirely different animal. Everyone is intelligent, a “doer.” Be afraid (especially you ’19s). There are creatures lurking in every class roster that will make you lose countless hours of precious sleep. I have taken liberty to classify these beasts, so you know what to look out for the next time (if you’re lucky) your professor gives you the exquisite privilege of choosing your own group.